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Get your entries in, just a few days left


I’m extending the contest to the end of the month, to give more people a chance to enter. So now you have until August 31, 2013 to get your entries in and try for the $100 gift card!

Just a few days left to enter The Illustrated Guide to Law 2013 FANART CONTEST with a prize you can spend.



1st prize - $100 Amazon.com gift card

2nd prize - An autographed copy of “The Illustrated Guide to Criminal Law”

3rd prize - Two autographed copies of “The Illustrated Guide to Criminal Law” An upcoming character will be named after you, immortalizing your moniker for all time.


Here’s all you have to do:

1. Make some fanart.

By definition, it has to include a character or scenario from the webcomic. But apart from that, it’s really up to you what you want to draw (or sculpt, or film… any kind of art is great).

2. Submit your art.

Send it as an attachment (or as a link) in an email, with the subject “IGL 2013 Fanart Contest” to me at iglwebcomic@gmail.com and make sure to include your name and contact information, of course.


The contest closes at 5 p.m. Eastern Time (EDT) on August 18, 2013.  I will then choose the winners, based on whichever entries tickle my fancy the most.  Winners will be announced on lawcomic.net soon afterwards, and everybody’s submissions will be posted there for all to see and admire.

More details:

* You can submit as many entries as you like, but each entry has to be in a separate email, and you can only win one prize.

* You are encouraged to post your art on Tumblr or deviantART or any other website you want.

* No “Rule 34” stuff. X-rated entries will be disqualified.

* Make sure the file you send is in a lossless format like PNG, with full color depth. You don’t want jpeg artifacts or software shortcuts hurting your chances.

* Entries must be your own original work. No copyright infringement. And don’t break any other laws, while you’re at it.

* In exchange for your chance to win, you are giving me all rights to your submission. In other words, it becomes my property, and I can do whatever I want with it. I can go scuba diving with it, or teach it to dance or sell it, it doesn’t matter. I only intend to post it here for all to see and admire, but this covers my ass.

* If there are fewer than ten entries by the end of the contest period, then I can either extend the contest period or cancel the contest entirely, at my discretion. This is not expected to be a problem.

* This contest is void where prohibited. You are not guaranteed anything just for submitting an entry. No purchase necessary. Entries are judged by me and at my sole discretion, and all decisions are final. Boilerplate boilerplate yadda yadda yadda.

* Oh yeah, Gmail won’t allow attachments larger than 25 MB, so make sure your file is smaller than that.







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